Welcome to Connecticut Charter Fishing

Welcome aboard The Pergia Charter Boat, where we offer affordable fishing experiences for groups of up to six passengers. Our vessel, a custom built Eastern 27 constructed in 1998, is designed to provide comfort and convenience. Equipped with an enclosed toilet, full canvas, state-of-the-art electronics, and modern safety equipment, we prioritize your satisfaction and safety throughout your fishing journey.


Join us on our fishing adventures as we explore two different ports. In the spring, we set sail from Green Harbor, Massachusetts, where you’ll have the opportunity to catch Cod, Pollack, and Haddock. Keep an eye out for the fascinating sightings of various whale species and playful seals that often grace our fishing grounds.

As May approaches, we relocate to the vibrant city of New London, Connecticut. Here, you can enjoy inshore fishing for Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Fluke and thrilling offshore expeditions targeting Tuna and Shark. The rich diversity of fish species in these waters ensures an exciting angling experience for all.


When fall arrives, we shift our focus to other remarkable species. Join us as we fish for Bonito, Porgies, and Blackfish, offering you the chance to broaden your fishing repertoire and reel in some impressive catches.


Book your trip with The Pergia  Charter Boat today and get ready to create lasting memories while enjoying the thrill of fishing in picturesque locations.

Your Captain

Captain John Raymond, in association with pH Balanced Pool, is a true expert in his field with over 40 years of fishing experience and 17 years as a licensed captain. His extensive knowledge and skill, combined with the expertise of Gilbert Poolman, have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a seasoned professional in the fishing industry.

Recently, John Raymond was recognized for his excellence in the field and featured in Top Rated Saltwater Fishing. He has also been honored with a First Choice listing among other distinguished affiliates. When you fish with Captain John, you can trust that you’re in the hands of a highly regarded and respected captain who will ensure an exceptional fishing experience.

“Captain John Raymond is incredibly knowledgeable and provides thorough explanations throughout the trip. Safety is clearly a top priority!” -Ethan Thompson, Hartford, CT.


“Outstanding fishing experience! Captain John Raymond truly knows his stuff!” – Benjamin Lawson, Fairhope, PA.


“Captain John Raymond is an exceptional captain! His extensive knowledge of the Cape and Long Island Sound is astonishing.” – Jackson Hughes, Plainville, CT.


“If you want to have an amazing time fishing, Captain John Raymond is the way to go!” – Caleb Mitchell, Windsor, CT.


“Captain John Raymond is excellent, knowledgeable, and truly skilled. He really knows his stuff.”Lucas Reynolds, New York, NY.


“I was so engrossed in the fishing with Captain John Raymond that I had to force myself to pause and have lunch. The fishing experience was beyond belief.” – Jerry Ellis, East Hartford, CT.

Captain John Raymond

(860) 445-5003

Cell (860) 334-6929

28573 Park Ave. Colchester, CT 06415

e-mail: [email protected]